Antioxidants: Information

An antioxidant is any substance that inhibits oxidation. In the body, oxygen molecules are sometimes stripped of an electron as a result of normal bodily processes, and become unstable. The process of oxidation occurs when these molecules, called free radicals, stabilize themselves by taking an electron from another nearby molecule. Normal levels of free radicals actually serve many healthful purposes in the body. At high levels, however, free radicals can damage cells and even cellular DNA. The resulting damage may cause a wide range of conditions from skin wrinkles to life-threatening cancer and heart disease.

Health Benefits of Antioxidants

Antioxidants work to stabilize free radicals in the body before they cause damage. The body produces its own antioxidants, but these are not enough to overcome damage from the widespread hazards of smoking, pollution, lack of exercise, poor diet, and excessive sun exposure.

Each antioxidant helps the body in a unique way. Antioxidants such as beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, lycopene, and CoQ 10 are instrumental in neutralizing free radicals in the body that cause chronic disease. These powerful substances may help fight and/or prevent a range of conditions and support health throughout life.

Using Antioxidants:

Use as directed.

Side-effects and Cautions:

Consult your physician about using antioxidants along with your prescription medication.


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