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Black Currant Oil

Black Currant Oil: Information

Black Currant Oil is one of ther best sources of the valuable omega 6 fatty acid gamma-linoleic acid or GLA.

Black Currant Oil's Health Benefits

Studies have shown that black currant seed oil was able to enhance T cell-mediated immune function.1 Black currant seed may work via its ability to reduce formation of prostaglandins* that promote inflammation, while increasing production of anti-inflammatory prostagalndins.

*Prostagladins are hormones that work at the local, cellular level. Prostaglandins regulate many cell functions such as inflammation. They were first identified in prostate tissue, from which their name is derived.

Using Black Currant Oil

Use as directed. A daily dosage of 600mg to 6 grams is typical. Capsules containing black currant oil usually contain 14 to 19% GLA.

1. Am J Clin Nutr. 1999 Oct;70(4):536-43.