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Blood Pressure Formulas

Information about Blood Pressure Formulas

High blood pressure or hypertension occurs as a result of lifestyle, genetic and dietary factors. Although treatable with drugs, hypertension drugs are notorious for their side-effects. But a successful non-drug approach to controlling and re-establishing healthy blood pressure requires more than just taking a few pills everyday. Proper diet, exercise, stress reduction and smoking cessation are all critical components of a successful approach.

Health Benefits of Blood Pressure Formulas

These high blood pressure formulas supply various nutritional factors to complement an overall lifestyle approach to hypertension. In some cases blood pressure formulas can be used alongside conventional hypertension drug therapies to reduce the dose required to get good results. This requires a doctor's supervision.

Using Blood Pressure Formulas

Use as directed. Consult your doctor if you have questions about combining blood pressure formulas with conventional hypertension drugs, how to measure your blood pressure or how often to measure blood pressure.