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Blood Sugar Formulas

Information About Blood Sugar Formulas

Diabetes, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia and even intense sweet cravings are all manifestations of blood sugar imbalances. While they aren't treatments for any disease, these blood sugar formulas can help lower and stabilize blood sugar and improve sensitivity to insulin when used as part of an overall lifestyle approach to blood sugar management. Blood sugar formulas incorporate vitamins, herbs and minerals both alone and in various combinations.

Health Benefits of Blood Sugar Formulas

Most active ingredients in blood sugar formulas work by increasing cells' sensitivity to the effects of insulin, the hormone that signals cells to uptake sugar when blood levels rise. Some, like the minerals chromium and magnesium, are nutritionally necessary while others like cinnamon and bitter melon are used for special purposes such as this. Stabilizing blood sugar and maintaining insulin sensitivity are key factors in a healthy and robust metabolism. You don't have to be a diabetic to use these products; they will benefit anyone - athletes, working parents, busy professionals - looking to fine-tune and optimize their metabolism for increased energy and/or weightloss.

Using Blood Sugar Formulas

Those with diabetes or other diagnosed blood sugar disorders should check with their doctor before combining blood sugar formulas with medications. Start with the manufacturer's suggested dose and continue to test blood sugar levels as you monitor your response to the product. In some cases blood sugar formulas can reduce the need for insulin or other diabetic medications.


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