Depression Formulas

Depression Formulas: Information

Our mood and state of mind are not simply a result of circumstances and events in our lives. The nutritional and functional status of the brain have an enormous effect on mood, too.

Health Benefits of Depression Formulas

Depression formulas contain ingredients shown to support robust brain health and function, leading to improvements in mood and temperament. These ingredients work if different ways, some improve blood flow, some support the production of "feelgood" neurotransmitters and other improve the production of energy in brain cells.


5-HTP (200mg)

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St. John's Wort (300mg)

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Olympian Labs

SAMe Gold (400mg)

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Natural Balance

Happy Camper

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Nature's Way

St. John's Wort (350mg)

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Nature's Way

Perika - St. John's Wort

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Country Life

Omega 3 Mood 180 sgels

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Deprex 60 caps

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Internal Sunshine 60 vcaps

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