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Enzymes contain mainly proteins and minerals, and they act as catalysts for nearly every category of chemical reaction in the body. That is, they enable a chemical reaction to take place. Enzymes frequently require certain vitamins to be effective. Hundreds of enzymes are made and used within the body constantly, and each enzyme is specific in its purpose. The enzyme supplements offered here are also very specific in their purposes as well.

What Are the Health Benefits of Enzymes?

The two categories of enzymes that are available as dietary supplements are systemic and digestive.

The digestive enzymes support the body's digestive functions, with certain enzymes that help the body to digest certain types of foods:

Amylase – for digesting carbohydrates

Cellulose – helps people digest fiber

Lactase – assists those with lactose intolerance so that they can digest dairy foods

Liptase – breaks down fats, specifically triglycerides, and is produced primarily in the pancreas

Pancreatin – this is a pancreatic enzyme derived from pigs; used to replace digestive enzymes when body doesn't have enough of its own (which may occur due to certain medical conditions like pancreatic cancer or cystic fibrosis)

Systemic enzymes may include some of the digestive enzyme substances, but these are typically taken without food and are used to support various processes such as the control of inflammation and healthy circulation.

Other enzymes you may see here include bromelain, nattokinase (from the Japanese food known as natto), papain and serrapeptase. They provide benefits such as inflammation reduction, joint comfort, healing from surgeries and wounds, heart health, digestive support (to break down tough protein fibers) and the healing of injuries.

How to Use Enzyme Supplements

Use as directed on the packaging.

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