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Ester-C is a patented non-acidic form on vitamin C. It may be easier on the stomach than ordinary vitamin C (ascorbic acid), easier to absorb and last longer than regular vitamin C.

Ester-C's Health Benefits

Ordinary vitamin C supplements consist of ascorbic acid, a weak organic acid. As a weak acid, ascorbic acid vitamin C can sometimes upset the digestive system of sensitive individuals. Before ascorbic acid can be used by the body, it must first be attached to a mineral such as calcium. The new mineral-ascorbic acid combination is now known as a mineral ascorbate and is the body's "true" vitamin C, a fully functional anti-oxidant. Ester-C has eliminated that step by pre-forming the mineral ascorbate from ascorbic acid and a mineral, in this case the mineral is calcium. Hence Ester-C products are really calcium ascorbate. This form of vitamin C comes into the body ready-to-use, no other processing is required. It's pH value is much more neutral than ascorbic acid and ester C is extremely unlikely to produce any kind of upset.

Using Supplements

Use as directed.


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