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Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil EPO Supplements: Information

Evening primrose oil or EPO supplements are used to supplement the diet with a specific type of omega-6 essential fatty acid, GLA. Although omega-6 fatty acids are abundant in the typical American diet, not many omega-6 sources - most vegetable oils and animal fats - contain appreciable amounts of Gamma Linoleic Acid. Therefore, supplementing extra GLA from EPO may be important for certain people.

Evening Primrose Oil's Health Benefits

Most people using Evening Primrose Oil do so for one of two reasons. First and foremost, it is commonly used by women to help achieve a more comfortable transition through menopause and peri-menopause because it can help to reduce symptoms like hot flashes and night sweating.1 EPO is also sometimes used to lessen allergic responses as in certain allergic conditions like asthma and eczema.2

Using Evening Primrose Oil Supplements

Use as directed. For best results, take Evening Primrose Oil 3 hours before or after fish or flax oil supplements.

Side-effects and Cautions:

None noted.

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