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Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng Information

Korean Ginseng, also known as "Red Ginseng", is derived from the same species of plant as Chinese or "White ginseng", Panax ginseng. The main difference between Korean ginseng and other types is that the Korean version is typically steamed after drying. The steaming process gives the ginseng a red color and a slightly different physical appearance. Typically, ginseng is used to enhance memory and mental capabilities of those that use it. The plant is particularly useful for those that lead an active or demanding lifestyle, including athletes, people that travel for work, marathoners and more.

Korean Ginseng's Health Benefits

Korean Ginseng has slightly different health benefits than its Chinese counterpart. Korean Ginseng is traditionally more associated with stimulating sexual function and increasing energy than Chinese ginseng. In a 2002, double-blinded crossover study of Korean red ginseng's effects on impotence, the results suggested benefits for some types of erectile dysfunction. It is often associated with stress relief and may have an energizing effect, which can improve mental alertness and clarity. According to most growers, a ginseng root must be at least six years old for the plant to be considered useful as a dietary supplement.

Using Supplements

Korean ginseng is available in a variety of forms, though capsules are the most common. At All Star Health, we offer a variety of ginseng products to choose from in various package sizes and potencies. Please consult the labels for dosing and usage instructions. The response to ginseng varies somewhat from person. Some people notice effects within a few hours of the first dose, while others may need to use Korean ginseng consistently for several weeks before noticing effects.

Side-effects and Cautions:

No side-effects have been documented for Korean ginseng at typical dosage levels.


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