Ready to Drink

Ready-To-Drink protein shakes, meal replacement shakes and pre-workout formulas are an extremely convenient and effective way to get the nutrition your body requires, whether you're a professional athlete, dedicated bodybuilder, outdoor enthusiast or just a person who wants to be at your very best for your daily activities. These ready-to-drink products (RTDs) provide powerful nutritional support in an easy to use format. Just chill, shake and enjoy.

RTDs for Energy and Endurance, Pre-Workout, Recovery and Meal Replacement

At All Star Health, we offer a wide variety of RTDs. You'll find energy drinks that don't contain a ton of sugar and caffeine, like what you'll find in grocery and convenience stores. Instead, they're made with advanced ingredients that are proven to boost energy and even improve brain power. There are protein drinks that also contain potent antioxidants that get rid of free radicals that can cause damage to cells and tissues. Pre-workout formulas give you the energy and concentration you need to push past your limits. There are RTD protein shakes that help you to build lean muscle while burning fat. We have recovery drinks that are packed with the necessary vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that help you recover more effectively from intense workouts. Meal replacement products (MRPs) contain the same powerful punch of protein but with additional elements for complete nutrition.

Different RTDs for Different Diets

Whatever type of diet you follow, we have a ready-to-drink product that's perfect for your lifestyle. You'll find whey protein shakes, almond milk protein shakes, super-clean grass-fed protein shakes and vegan formula made from organic brown rice, sprouted chia and hemp. Our protein shakes are packed with vitamins and minerals plus other ingredients that will help you to raise your game.

VPX Sports

Redline Xtreme Energy Drink

8 Options $46.99

Save up to 47%

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ISS Research

Oh Yeah! RTD

3 Options $34.79

Save up to 31%

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Lean Body RTD (17 fl. oz.)

8 Options $31.49

Save up to 46%

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RTD 51

4 Options $31.44

Save up to 45%

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Muscle Milk RTD

9 Options $26.99

Save up to 52%

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Premier Nutrition

Premier Protein Shake RTD

4 Options from $24.49 - $25.99

Save up to 42%

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Kids Protein Organic Nutritional Shake - RTD

3 Options from $18.19 - $20.19

Save up to 27%

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Organic Nutrition All-In-One Nutritional Shake RTD

4 Options from $23.99 - $25.99

Save up to 33%

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Ready To Drink Shake (RTD Tetra-Can)

12 Options from $13.49 - $43.59

Save up to 38%

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Muscle Milk Collegiate RTD (11 fl.oz.)

3 Options from $13.90 - $22.99

Save up to 41%

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Dymatize Nutrition

ISO-100 Clear RTD

3 Options $31.99

Save up to 24%

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Organic Protein RTD

2 Options $29.49

Save up to 37%

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Zone Perfect

Keto RTD

3 Options from $23.00 - $29.99

Save up to 56%

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Muscle Milk Light RTD

2 Options $32.99

Save up to 41%

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