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Urinary Support Formulas

Urinary Support Formulas: Overview

Urinary health is something taken for granted until there's a problem, and which point it becomes hard to ignore and get on with life. Although they should not be considered or used as medical treatments for urinary tract problems like UTI's or cystitis, there are many herbs and other nutrients that can support urinary tract health in both men and women. Most are very safe and easy to use with few side-effects.

In both women and men, urinary health depends primarily on keeping the urinary tract clear of pathogenic bacteria. You'll see ingredients like D-mannose and cranberry extract in many Urinary Support Formulas for this reason. These compounds are thought to inhibit the ability of harmful bacteria to adhere to the urinary tract surfaces, making their elimination easier and more complete. Other ingredients common to many formulas are corn silk, dandelion and potassium, all of which function as mild diuretics to help flush out pathogenic bacteria.

In men, the prostate gland is an additional factor that can adversely affect urinary tract health also, either with or without the involvement of bacteria. Enlargement of the prostate, as naturally occurs with age, disrupts normal urinary function. Specialized Prostate Formulas include compounds such as saw palmetto, flower pollen, and pygeum extract that have all been shown to positively impact urinary tract health in men with prostate enlargement.


D-Mannose (500mg)

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