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What kinds of nutrition bars are available?

There are many different types of bars available for different requirements and nutrition goals. These include:

Energy Bars – Typically contains more carbohydrates plus a moderate amount of protein and fat. They're made to provide fast fuel for athletes who have high energy demands. Use them to complement a normal healthy diet. Energy bar brands include PowerBar, Promax, Greens Plus, Power Crunch, Balance and Clif.

Protein Bars – Greater protein-to-fat/carbohydrate radio. Some have more carbohydrates than others. Higher carb protein bars are great as a post-workout meal, helping in muscle recovery and muscle growth. Lower carb protein bars are an excellent tool, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, for weight loss and weight maintenance. Popular protein bar brands include Quest Nutrition, Worldwide Sports, Think Thin, EAS, Rise, Labrada and Universal Nutrition.

Diet/Lower Carb Bars – Generally lower carbohydrates and total calories; used to help in weight loss and weight maintenance in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

Meal Replacement Bars – Usually have more calories and a balanced protein/fat/carbohydrate ratio. They're designed to be eaten instead of a meal. Breakfast bars are popular as a substitute for what is the most critical meal of the day. They're convenient for a busy lifestyle and can be consumed "on-the-go." MRBs contain vitamins and various other nutrients.

Other nutrition bar brands include Atkins, Zone Perfect, Power Crunch, Nugo Nutrition and ISS Research.

Health Benefits of Bars

Nutrition bars are a smart addition to a healthy, well-balanced diet. They provide a convenient way to supplement the body with essential vitamins, minerals and other important dietary supplements. A bar is also an easy way for dieters, athletes and anyone else trying to maintain a certain weight to keep meal portion size under control.

How to Use Nutrition Bars as Part of a Heathy Diet

Any of our nutrition bars can be the perfect addition to a well-balance, healthy diet, but they should not be used as a complete substitute for regular food sources. Certain bars might be high in saturated fat, and there may be language such as "non-impact carbs" on the packaging that's used for calculating total carbohydrates. You should always read the label carefully to choose the best bars for your dietary requirements and goals.

Organic Food Bar

Active Greens Raw Bar 12 bars

セール価格 £25.95

ディスカウント% 37%


Pro Bar

Meal On-the-Go Bar

12 Options £20.42

ディスカウント% up to 40%



Protein Meal Bar

19 Options from £4.77 - £10.12

ディスカウント% up to 60%


Worldwide Sports

Pure Protein Bar

9 Options from £4.08 - £7.48

ディスカウント% up to 53%


Organic Food Bar

Protein Bar 12 bars

セール価格 £19.56

ディスカウント% 34%



Big 100 Meal Replacement Bar

7 Options £18.71

ディスカウント% up to 58%


Quest Nutrition

Quest Protein Bar

15 Options £18.30

ディスカウント% up to 61%


Rx Bar

Rx Bar

12 Options from £3.74 - £19.14

ディスカウント% up to 50%


Clif Bar

Builder's Bar

7 Options £17.35

ディスカウント% up to 48%


Nature's Bakery

Fig Bar

4 Options £8.33

ディスカウント% up to 37%


Quest Nutrition

Quest Protein Bar Minis

2 Options £14.03

ディスカウント% up to 51%



Protein Bar

6 Options £21.18

ディスカウント% up to 42%


Greens Plus

Plus Bar

4 Options £22.97

ディスカウント% up to 23%


ONE Brands

One Bar

13 Options £20.42

ディスカウント% up to 47%


Zone Perfect

Nutrition Bar

7 Options £11.82

ディスカウント% up to 46%



Protein Plus Bar

3 Options £17.01

ディスカウント% up to 26%



Snack Bar

12 Options from £3.66 - £8.08

ディスカウント% up to 49%