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DHEA Supplements: Information

DHEA stands for dyhydroepiandrosterone which is a natural steroid hormone made by the adrenal glands. DHEA has many functions, some well-understood and some not. DHEA's effects on mood and libido maybe due to the fact that it acts as a neurosteroid in the brain and nervous system. It may also be because DHEA is a precursor to testosterone and estrogen. While all its roles in the body have not been fully explored, it is established that DHEA status declines after age 25. DHEA supplements are used to help offset this decline, so all its dependent functions are supported.

Benefits of DHEA

DHEA supplements can help to raise and sustain levels of DHEA when levels are below the desired or normal ranges. DHEA is usually used by people over 40, often as part of an "anti-aging" protocol designed by themselves or with their doctor. DHEA users report highly individual and wide-ranging effects, from improvements in mood, sex drive and body composition to better sleep, energy and memory. Side-effects are rare, mild and resolve when DHEA is discontinued or the dose is corrected.

Using DHEA: Dose and Safety

Since DHEA is a hormone and converts to other hormones like testosterone and estrogen, it's not for everyone, particularly those with a history of hormone-sensitive cancer. Consult your doctor if you have questions about DHEA's appropriateness for you. Hormonal side-effects are possible. Using DHEA under a doctor's supervision is advisable.


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