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ALL STAR HEALTH Blender Bottle Shaker Cup

28 fl.oz. 1 cup
ALL STAR HEALTH Blender Bottle Shaker Cup 28 fl.oz. 1 cup

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Blender Bottle Shaker Cup Overview

Right now you’re looking at the best shaker cup money can buy. The All Star Health blender bottle shaker cup is perfect for mixing protein shakes and any powdered supplement. Inside you’ll find a specialized blender ball, which prevents clumping and coagulation when mixing. This means from here on out you’ll end up with only the smoothest, frothiest shakes.

The blender bottle is unique in that it can be used for a variety of purposes, including mixing supplements, protein shakes, dressings/marinades and other foods like eggs and batters. Use it for mixing your morning protein shake and also for mixing your eggs before scrambling. The blender bottle is also simple to clean and comes with an easy to remove lid and detachable blender ball.

If you’re sick and tired of clumpy protein drinks, it’s time to consider getting an elite blender bottle. Seriously, stop using a spoon or fork to mix your shakes and step up to a real shaker cup, a world of difference awaits you.

Blender Bottle Shaker Cup Description from ALL STAR HEALTH
Congratulations. You own the best! Gourmet cooks have relied on the wire whisk for hundreds of years to blend their ingredients into a smooth and light consistency. Now you can do the same with the Blender Bottle. It is perfect for mixing everything from creamy smooth nutrition shakes to salad dressings, marinades, and fluffy omelets. It also makes a great water bottle.

-BlenderBall mixer inside
-Easy-grip design
-Ounce and milliliter markings
-StayOpen flip top
-Easy to clean
-Dishwasher safe
-Large drink/pour spout
-Secure screw-on lid
-Wide opening for ingredients
-Fits in most car drink holders
-No electricity or batteries required

Manufacturer's Directions
Simply drop the Blender Ball wire whisk into the Blender Bottle along with your ingredients, screw lid, press down the flip top, and shake. The patented Blender Ball moves freely throughout the bottle as you shake, mixing thickest ingredients with ease it is made of electropolished surgical-grade stainless steel and is designed to remain in the cup until you have enjoyed the contents.

By: MiguelASH on 7/26/2011

No clumps

I prefer the blender bottle over the shaker cup. This cup leaves no clups in my shakes.

By: AndyJCL on 4/29/2010

Works perfectly as a protein mixer.

I bought this mixer for the sole purpose of mixing my protein and it works perfectly for that purpose with no leaks if closed properly.

By: Drogean on 3/03/2010

Awesome Cup!

This is my first REAL mixing cup. This thing is awesome. Considering water bottles can cost MORE than this thing, this is a great buy. It does NOT leak, holds a LOT of liquid and mixes even the crappiest powders. I love how everything comes out nice and frothy. Oh yeah, its easy to clean to. Since shipping doesn't change, you might as well add this to your cart on your already existing order.

By: kim071406 on 9/08/2009

Leaks and leaves clumps

This bottle does the 2 things I didn't expect it to do. Every time I shake it, it leaks drops of whatever is inside. It blends protein powder okay, but I also add dextrose and maltodextrin which stays in clumps. I am really disappointed with it!

By: DaufromASH on 8/05/2009


Out of all the shakers I have tried and used this one is by far the best in quality. No leaky problem at all. The blender ball inside helps break up the clumps of protein. It is SUPER easy to clean compared the the mesh tops. I would definately recommend this shaker bottle for just a few bucks more!

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