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Energy Formulas: Information

Use these products to increase your mental and physical energy whenever you need a boost. From mild energy boosters like ginseng and bee pollen to intense energy drinks, here's where you'll find a full range of energy-enhancing products.

Using Energy Formulas

Be sure to read instructions thoroughly as proper use differs significantly from product to product and most products carry some health warnings and cautions. For adults 18 and over.


Caffeine (200mg)

3 Options from $4.99 - $11.99

Save up to 57%

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Pro Bar

BOLT - Organic Energy Chews

5 Options $21.99

Save up to 26%

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5 Hour Energy

5-Hour Energy Extra Strength

12 Options from $23.30 - $89.99

Save up to 47%

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Eboost Super Powder

3 Options $21.49

Save up to 23%

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5 Hour Energy

5-Hour Energy

7 Options from $22.22 - $80.99

Save up to 48%

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Clif Bar

Clif Shot

8 Options $23.49

Save up to 43%

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Honey Stinger

Organic Energy Chews

5 Options from $16.99 - $18.99

Save up to 43%

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Energy Chews

5 Options $29.95

Save up to 17%

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Clif Bar

Bloks Energy Chews

10 Options $28.89

Save up to 51%

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High Energy 60 tabs

Sale price $7.79

Save 18%

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Energy Gel

15 Options from $11.95 - $29.95

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VPX Sports

Redline Xtreme Energy Drink

8 Options $61.99

Save up to 30%

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Nature's Plus

Source of Life Energy Shake

2 Options from $21.99 - $35.99

Save up to 28%

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Unsalted Raw Energy Nut Mix

2 Options from $3.30 - $7.49

Save up to 25%

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