Fat Blockers

Fat Blockers: Information

"Fat blockers" are dietary supplements that utilize a special type of fiber to bind up a portion of dietary fat so it can be eliminated without being absorbed by the body. Fat blockers are taken with high-fat meals such as Chinese or fast food to help offset the effects of their fat calories on health, metabolism or weight loss programs. The 'fat-blocking' ingredient most often used is chitosan fiber, made from the shells of shrimp, crab and lobster.

Fat Blockers: Health Benefits

Fat blockers can contribute to weight loss success by reducing the amount of fat calories from the diet. Clinical studies of fat blockers' effectiveness have been inconclusive, likely due to the fact that so many other factors besides fat calories come into play when assessing the success of a weight-loss approach. Because they absorb fat, fat blockers may help reduce blood lipids and cholesterol although studies have not confirmed this.

Using Fat Blockers

Fat blockers should be used as directed and only taken with high fat meals on an occasional basis. Since they can interfere with the absorption of fat soluble nutrients like vitamin A and fish oil, these supplements should not be taken with fat blockers. Those allergic to crab shrimp or lobster should avoid fat blockers.

Side-effects and Cautions:

Loose stools may occur in some users depending on the quantity of dietary fat and fat blocker ingredients consumed. Check with a doctor before combining prescription medications with fat blockers.


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