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Herbs: Information

Human beings have used herbs to protect and promote health since the dawn of time. Traditional healers studied local plants and, over-time worked out which herbs can treat which illnesses and symptoms. This information was passed down through the generations first by spoken-word accounts and later in written documents. Many of the herbs in common use today are a part of this long tradition, having been in continuous use for centuries.

Health Benefits of Herbs

There are hundreds of types of herbs in common use today, with a wide range of benefits. Some are good sources of antioxidant compounds, others benefit specific systems in the body such as the immune system or central nervous system. Some herbs are used to treat only specific health problems, while other herbs have a wide-range of benefits and applications.

Using Herbal Supplements

Use as directed. Herbs are grown, not manufactured, so there are natural variations in the potency and effectiveness of herbs from crop to crop due to variations in growing conditions. Manufacturers often produce and market herb extracts for this reason. Herb extracts are generally stronger and more effective than non-extracted herb products. Herb "extracts" are prepared by removing as much inert, inactive material from the herbs as possible; water, plant fibers and other inactive constituents. This allows the manufacturer to raise and standardize the level of active ingredients so the finished products are consistent and customers can expect the same results each time they use a particular brand of herbal supplement.

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